The grading ladder is a way to measure your bowling performance against other players. Any members recording their scores one their scores on the sheets inside he captains room (where the communal bowls are stored) will receive a grade. Your grade will go up and down according to how much you win or lose by and the strength of your opponent. Every game, every point counts. Grades will be refreshed every month.

Everybody starts with a grade. Those who played on the 11’s ladder last year will have their scores from their 2023 performance. New players will start with the average of all 2023 scores. Here are the grades of those who played in a rather soggy April:

In April
Current Grade
Jon S10522920986
Jim S916101008962
Tom R8382972905
Alex W8366911873
Jack S8173740778
Steve S8905659774
Grading Ladder Underway